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Hi, my name is Erik. I own a brand­ing agency head­quar­tered in Savan­nah, Geor­gia. I enjoy writ­ing and speak­ing about things I’ve learned along the way. You can read more about me by click­ing here.

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A Prayer for the Racial Reconciliation Journey

I’ve recently been reading speeches from Fannie Lou Hamer. She spoke with remarkable power and, seemingly with ease, wove words from scripture into much of what she had to say. She has inspired me to more intentionally weave scripture into my words a...

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Considering Origin, Morality, Religion, Faith, Etc A list of the books I'm currently exploring regarding these topics.

My first clear memories of attending church are from around age 8 or 9. I can recall sitting with my mother in the sanctuary of a non-denominational Christian church, hearing music and watching a pastor teach. I continued going to this church and get...

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2019 in the Rear View Some obligatory year-in-review notes

Confession: I'm writing this more for me than anyone else. As a result, I'm not spending much time building out the story of 2019. But I figured a few lists would be a nice way to look back at the twelve months behind. After all, I'm just looking in ...

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Things I Didn't Know When Starting My Business

In a recent conversation with other business owners, we started talking about things we had no clue about when we started our first businesses. It was a funny, entertaining, and comforting conversation. It was reassuring because sometimes we forget w...

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Power in Vulnerability

Every other week or so I get a question from someone who knows I own a business. They're asking how business is going. And it seems they often expect a shielded and vague answer. I’m not sure if I’ll ever get used to the surprise I get when I’m willi...

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