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You Never Know

Have you ever been meeting, collaborating, or chatting with someone who seemed a little "off" from their norm? If you work with the same people regularly you know what I mean. Sometimes you can just tell when they aren't "themselves" in some way. Maybe they're more irritable. Maybe they're quicker to argue, or get offended. Or maybe it's worse and they act or speak in a way that's damaging to a relationship. I've definitely experienced this...

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Half Way

This weekend my daughter turns 9 years old. Dang; time flies. It occurred to me not long ago that if she heads off somewhere to college right after high school, then she’ll be leaving around the age of 18. Now, I know that’s not an absolute. She may go to school locally and live at home. She may not even go to college. But the point of my realization is simple: A new stage of life typically begins after high school. And my daughter is half...

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The Fallacy of Work-Life Balance

Work-Life Balance. It’s an often mystical target for many. The idea most people have is that of a two-sided scale. The weight of one side must equal the weight of the other side to achieve “balance” properly. In theory that would mean you perfectly balance "work" and "life" overall. This is the Balance Equation. This word picture is dangerously inaccurate. The initial concern I have with "Work-Life Balance" as a phrase is that it implies...

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