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A New Year's word of encouragement to the new entrepreneur

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On New Year’s Eve in 2009, I tweet­ed this:

One of these days I’ll say good­bye to hav­ing 2 jobs and ~4 hours of sleep a night. That’s not today though. Nor tomor­row. And that’s okay.

When I wrote that, there was a lot at play. I had a full-time job as a Web Devel­op­er at a church, I’d been doing free­lance work with Bill, and I had no time­line in mind of when my agency, Focus Lab, might become a full-time reality.

I also had an 18-month-old who had plen­ty of med­ical needs, so my insur­ance ben­e­fit wasn’t some­thing I could just walk away from. 

But also true when I wrote that is that it would only be five quick months before quit­ting my day job and launch­ing into Focus Lab as my sole source of income. 

As I read the tweet now, I hear the voice of a tired but com­mit­ted per­son. Tired of and tired from late nights and lit­tle sleep. I didn’t want it to be a long-term lifestyle, but I knew in that sea­son it was what I need­ed to do in order to take the self-employ­ment leap eventually.

A screenshot of a tweet that reads 'One of these days I’ll say goodbye to having 2 jobs and ~4 hours of sleep a night. That’s not today though. Nor tomorrow. And that’s okay.'

Mul­ti­ple jobs and a sched­ule of late nights aren’t part of every entrepreneur’s sto­ry. But these ingre­di­ents sure are common.

Maybe they’re part of your sto­ry right now. Maybe you have the sec­ond job and the late nights. You’re tired, but you’re ener­gized by the vision you hold.

If a tweet like this could be yours this New Year’s Eve, stay the course and keep it up! Who knows what the next five months might bring. 

Here’s to you and to the year ahead! ✨

Open­ing Pho­to by Gar­rhet Samp­son on Unsplash

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