Realities of Failure

Five facts to help us all process and navigate failure

What’s one thing that every­one in busi­ness has in com­mon? We’ve all failed at some­thing before.

Even if you haven’t noticed, you’ve like­ly failed at some­thing. There’s a lot of risk in entre­pre­neur­ship; in being trust­ed by cus­tomers; in being a leader to your grow­ing team. And with risk often comes fail­ure at some point.

It’s time to talk about the real­i­ties of fail­ure. The fear, the shame, the embar­rass­ment, and pos­si­bly the depres­sion that comes with it. If you’ve ever failed — and you have — you’ll want to hear this. And so will your audience.

The Bottom Line

This top­ic tran­scends any sin­gle audi­ence. Fail­ure is part of everyone’s life. I’ve giv­en this keynote at mul­ti­ple con­fer­ences where, after the ses­sion wraps, A/V crew mem­bers com­ment to me that they appre­ci­at­ed it. While I mold the top­ic to per­fect­ly fit your demo­graph­ic, the lessons are universal.

By the end of this keynote, your audi­ence will be able to put fail­ure in its prop­er place, and will be able to con­fi­dent­ly echo Win­ston Churchill’s words that Suc­cess isn’t final; fail­ure isn’t fatal; it’s the courage to con­tin­ue that counts.”

@ErikReagan I heard you speak at Peers Conf last year. Never had the chance to say how impactful your talk was. Thank you.

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