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This Business Stuff is Hard

This morning I was greeted on my Facebook feed by a "memory" of mine. It was a post from 1 year ago that I appreciated being on the receiving end of today. I wanted to share it here too. I have the opportunity to speak with other business owners nearly every week in various contexts. Some of them I have personal relationships with outside of entrepreneurship, others I hardly know but we were connected via someone else. Certain themes come up...

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You Never Know

Have you ever been meeting, collaborating, or chatting with someone who seemed a little "off" from their norm? If you work with the same people regularly you know what I mean. Sometimes you can just tell when they aren't "themselves" in some way. Maybe they're more irritable. Maybe they're quicker to argue, or get offended. Or maybe it's worse and they act or speak in a way that's damaging to a relationship. I've definitely experienced this...

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Stop Trying to Find Time This one is mostly written from me to me. But I figured I'd share it here as well.

"I want to read more often, but just haven't found the time for it yet." "I've been meaning to knock out that home project, but just haven't found the time for it yet." "We've talked about going on a vacation, but just haven't found the time for it yet." Have you ever said any of these? Or something similar? Have you ever thought about something you want to do and lazily decided you would do it if you could "find the time?" I have. I...

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Ditching Assumed Constraints Falling into and getting out of the elephant mentality

When I was around fifteen I started learning to play the guitar. I was quickly addicted to the six-stringed muse. Making music was already part of my life, and family, so the quickly developed addiction to playing was no surprise. I remember an early conversation I had with a buddy of mine who was also learning around the same time. We were talking about a specific song we heard on the radio and wanted to learn to play. For the life of us...

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Lessons From Will Smith

Today I wanted to simply share a video I enjoyed watching recently. I've long admired Will Smith for a number of reasons. I came across a video someone made stitching together numerous interview clips of Smith talking about perseverance, work ethic, talent, and more. Here are a few of the quotes that I particularly enjoyed: If you're not making someone else's life better, you're wasting your time. Your life will become better by...

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