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5 Confessions of This Public Speaker

Just over a week ago I spoke at Creative South where hundreds of creatives from across the globe gather each year. I commanded the stage like a seasoned pro, shared a poignant story of failure, taught from the heart, and confidently walked off stage knowing I had nailed it. When it comes to public speaking, I’m a natural. It’s as simple as that. View this post on Instagram Today I drove home from a one of a kind conference,...

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A (crappy) week in the life of this entrepreneur

Ahhhh life as an entrepreneur. It’s so glamorous with things like not having a boss, money falling from the sky, being looked up to by everyone—not to mention the cars, the vacations, and, well, the life! Okay, so if you’re an entrepreneur reading this you’ve probably already laughed. You know how sarcastic that statement really is. Anyone selling the story above is just selling a lie. At least—if that’s the only part of the story they...

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This Business Stuff is Hard

This morning I was greeted on my Facebook feed by a "memory" of mine. It was a post from 1 year ago that I appreciated being on the receiving end of today. I wanted to share it here too. I have the opportunity to speak with other business owners nearly every week in various contexts. Some of them I have personal relationships with outside of entrepreneurship, others I hardly know but we were connected via someone else. Certain themes come up...

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Addressing Addiction

A few weeks ago I realized how addicted I’ve (re)become to my phone. I fought this battle a few years ago and improved a lot. But I went back to my old ways, with some slight variations. The main problem was the same though: I spent way too much time on my phone. My initial plan was to downgrade from a “smart phone” to a “dumb phone.” But as I started to think about the ways I use my iPhone, I realized that wasn’t an ideal scenario. I do some...

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