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You Never Know

Have you ever been meeting, collaborating, or chatting with someone who seemed a little "off" from their norm? If you work with the same people regularly you know what I mean. Sometimes you can just tell when they aren't "themselves" in some way. Maybe they're more irritable. Maybe they're quicker to argue, or get offended. Or maybe it's worse and they act or speak in a way that's damaging to a relationship. I've definitely experienced this...

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10 Years Later

Time is a funny thing. In multiple ways, certain events seem simultaneously like forever ago and like yesterday. Meeting you, Bill, is one of those events. This month marks 10 years since we first met to talk about doing some client work together. It was “Ideal Design” meets “Designs by Erik.” I wish I could remember how I stumbled across your website that said you were looking for Flash help. Google certainly wasn’t then what it is today....

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