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You Never Know

Have you ever been meeting, collaborating, or chatting with someone who seemed a little "off" from their norm? If you work with the same people regularly you know what I mean. Sometimes you can just tell when they aren't "themselves" in some way. Maybe they're more irritable. Maybe they're quicker to argue, or get offended. Or maybe it's worse and they act or speak in a way that's damaging to a relationship. I've definitely experienced this...

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People Over Profits

Focus Lab doesn’t have Core Values. My theory is that you can’t hire someone then dictate what they value. Sure, you can limit who you hire to only those who already value what you do; but I don’t like that limitation. Rather than defining and pushing Core Values on team members, we have a set of Core Standards. These are standards we hold one another to, and strive to push each other to continually improve upon. They serve as the foundation...

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