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Ditching Assumed Constraints Falling into and getting out of the elephant mentality

When I was around fifteen I started learning to play the guitar. I was quickly addicted to the six-stringed muse. Making music was already part of my life, and family, so the quickly developed addiction to playing was no surprise. I remember an early conversation I had with a buddy of mine who was also learning around the same time. We were talking about a specific song we heard on the radio and wanted to learn to play. For the life of us...

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People Over Profits

Focus Lab doesn’t have Core Values. My theory is that you can’t hire someone then dictate what they value. Sure, you can limit who you hire to only those who already value what you do; but I don’t like that limitation. Rather than defining and pushing Core Values on team members, we have a set of Core Standards. These are standards we hold one another to, and strive to push each other to continually improve upon. They serve as the foundation...

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Pixels Aren’t Enough The Role of Business Strategy in Design

Hey Anne, I found you through a Google search recently and I’d like to talk about hiring your firm. My company needs someone to help us cross the waters in the next few months and it looks like you can help. Can we talk? Thanks,Stephen Anne had received similar emails in the past. Knowing this was right up her alley, she hopped on a call with Stephen to chat. They discussed her method of crossing the water, how many people she’d...

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The Fallacy of Work-Life Balance

Work-Life Balance. It’s an often mystical target for many. The idea most people have is that of a two-sided scale. The weight of one side must equal the weight of the other side to achieve “balance” properly. In theory that would mean you perfectly balance "work" and "life" overall. This is the Balance Equation. This word picture is dangerously inaccurate. The initial concern I have with "Work-Life Balance" as a phrase is that it implies...

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