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Programming Flashback

I start­ed my devel­op­ment path with HTML 3.2 while in mid­dle school. The vast major­i­ty of my devel­op­ment expe­ri­ence has been with the web. But while I was in high school I didn’t have the oppor­tu­ni­ty to car­ry around a lap­top from which I could work. Some­where along the way I start­ed using Texas Instru­ments (TI) graph­ing calculators.

One of the fun things about these cal­cu­la­tors was that you could eas­i­ly write your own pro­grams in BASIC direct­ly from the device and run them. This was a great way to pass time dur­ing class­es that were par­tic­u­lar­ly un-engag­ing (I won­der if mom and/​or dad read this blog). Today I found an archive down­load online for a TI-89 appli­ca­tion I wrote and I want­ed to share the readme” file here. It’s funny.

Good Olé Pythagoras

I found the appli­ca­tion host­ed on ticalc​.org right where I uploaded it in 2002. It’s quite a sim­ple com­pu­ta­tion of the Pythagore­an The­o­rem find­ing a, b or c depend­ing on which side of the right tri­an­gle is unknown in length. Here are the con­tents of the README includ­ed in the download:

Erik’s Pythagore­an Theorem

Thanks for down­load­ing my first ever pub­lic TI-89 pro­gram. When I wrote this, I had had my TI-89 for about a week so I’ve got more com­ing soon. I plan to learn more pro­gram­ming in C and C++ and many oth­er lan­guages as well. But for now, BASIC is the only lan­guage I can use for TI models.

This pro­gram is very user-friend­ly. I try to make all of my pro­grams that way. It will com­pute for a, b, or c in the a^2+b^2=c^2 for­mu­la. I may add new fea­tures in the future…but what else can you do with a tri­an­gle? It’s not like you can graph it or any­thing. :-p Any­ways, I hope you enjoy the pro­gram and I hope that it meets your needs. just run pyth() and you’ve got it.

If you run across any bugs please tell me. I haven’t run across any. But you nev­er know. I’m only in the 10th grade right now so I have 2 more years of not pay­ing atten­tion in class because I’m writ­ing a pro­gram. There­fore I will most like­ly have many more pro­grams com­ing soon. :) If you like my pro­gram PLEASE TELL ME! I need all the encour­age­ment I can get.

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http://​www​.teen​zion​.com is my web­site. Although it has noth­ing to do with pro­gram­ming, check it out! :)

May, 2002

Fun­ny how I fore­cast­ed my 11th and 12th grade yeas as being 2 more years of not pay­ing atten­tion in class because I’m writ­ing a pro­gram.” That’s not too far off. I remem­ber writ­ing PHP with pen­cil and paper while learn­ing the basics. I’d write the code then re-type it after school hop­ing it exe­cut­ed prop­er­ly (it rarely did).

Regard­less, this has been a flash­back into my ear­ly pro­gram­ming days. Now I’m going to try and find my TI-89 and see what oth­er pro­grams I still have on it. I wrote a hand­ful by the end of high school and it would be inter­est­ing to go back and look at the code.

Published on March 24, 2010