PHP Dreams

Since my younger years I have had some ran­dom and quite fun­ny sleep walk­ing” expe­ri­ences. They seemed to have dis­si­pat­ed with the years I have gained and my wife hasn’t expe­ri­enced too many odd things. I do talk in my sleep here and there — but most of the time the words don’t come togeth­er to make much sense.

So She Says

Well, the oth­er night I appar­ent­ly woke up my wife by throw­ing the cov­ers off of myself, lean­ing over the edge of the bed (sit­ting up) and start­ing to pil­fer through things” on the floor. My wife asked me what I was doing and imme­di­ate­ly laid back down and got back under the cov­ers. I con­tin­ued to mut­ter some sen­tences qui­et­ly and my wife caught on to what was going on in my dream. It appears I was look­ing for my PHP files on the floor. Now I obvi­ous­ly wouldn’t put them there regularly…but it seems that I thought they were there the oth­er night.

PHP has made it into my dreams. Interesting.

Published on May 10, 2008

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