Can Your Business Grow Without You?

Designing a business that doesn’t rely on you to keep going—and growing

Most exec­u­tives and busi­ness own­ers can­not take a month off from work and know that their busi­ness will not only sur­vive, but maybe even thrive. Far too often, as entre­pre­neurs we find our­selves putting out one fire after anoth­er and our focus time rapid­ly deplet­ing. We attend meet­ings, sem­i­nars, and con­fer­ences gain­ing great insights and ideas, yet strug­gle to imple­ment them. We’re stuck in a sys­tem and a rhythm.

This keynote will help get us unstuck. We look at ways to work less in the busi­ness and set aside time to work on the busi­ness by pro­vid­ing prac­ti­cal steps to reduce our role as com­pa­ny fire­fight­ers. It’s time for own­ers to be less teth­ered to the busi­ness. It’s time for own­ers to get away from being a lia­bil­i­ty because they’re so depend­ed on. It’s time for a new way and a new level.

The Bottom Line

This ses­sion is aimed pri­mar­i­ly at own­ers of busi­ness­es. Many own­ers and exec­u­tives have built their busi­ness up to a point where their cus­tomers are con­tin­u­al­ly pleased and impressed with their prod­ucts or ser­vices. But the own­er is attached to the process, the prod­uct, the ser­vice, or the results in a very tan­gi­ble way. They can’t be absent from the busi­ness for more than a week or so, or things start to fall apart.

By the end of this ses­sion, the audi­ence will see a new pos­si­ble future. And they’ll know what to do to get them­selves there.

This was a GREAT (and challenging) session! I’m already experimenting with some tactics I learned from Erik.

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