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The Fallacy of Work-Life Balance

Work-Life Balance. It’s an often mystical target for many. The idea most people have is that of a two-sided scale. The weight of one side must equal the weight of the other side to achieve “balance” properly. In theory that would mean you perfectly balance "work" and "life" overall. This is the Balance Equation. This word picture is dangerously inaccurate. The initial concern I have with "Work-Life Balance" as a phrase is that it implies...

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Consuming and Doing

I’m a big fan of learning. I’m also a big fan of watching others learn. It brings me a lot of joy. In fact, the concept of perpetual learning runs through my company in the form of one of our Core Standards, “Never Stop Learning.” (I wrote a blog post a couple of years ago about ways we learn and it’s over on the Focus Lab blog if you’re interested.) Here’s the thing though: learning isn’t enough. You’re wasting your time if you just become...

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