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Train-ee Client Handoff

Current Version: 1.0.0

Added on June 2nd by Erik Reagan

Train-ee Client Handoff

ExpressionEngine 2.x brings to the table a few additions to add-on types. The easiest entry into add-on development is unquestionably the newly added “Accessory”. Accessories are little nuggets in the Control Panel of an ExpressionEngine site that display pieces of information helpful to the person in the CP. Train-ee Client Handoff is designed to be a template and learning Accessory for those looking to build these helpful add-ons for their client projects.

This project was created for Michael Boyink of Train-ee for one of his presentations at the EECI (ExpressionEngine / CodeIgniter) 2010 conference. He approached me about creating a simple template from which “non-PHP folks” could build Accessories for their client projects.

This accessory comes with a highly commented source file and a helpful readme. Be sure to check out Mike’s presentation notes on as well. If you’d like to look at the source code before downloading you can view the acc.trainee_client_handoff.php file on GitHub.