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ER CP Active Members

Current Version: 1.1.2

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Added on November 14th by Erik Reagan

This ExpressionEngine extension was one of the first that I wrote simply just to learn what was possible within the control panel. I saw a request in the EE forums for this feature so I went ahead and created it. It does nothing more than add the currently logged in members to the bottom of the control panel. For ExpressionEngine 2.0 if this extension is ported over it will likely become an Accessory due to the fact that the control panel views are created differently (and many hooks will not be ported over).

Screenshot of extension in use


  • Displays active members in a div at the bottom of CP pages
  • Settings determine what user groups see the member list
  • You can alter the inline CSS of the div
  • Can call home to check for extension updates (requires LG Addon Updater)


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