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Performance Update to Redirect Helper Lite


Written on February 4th, 2010 by Erik Reagan

I've had this update sitting in my repository for a little while and haven't had the time to polish a couple of things up to release it. Finally I had some breathing room after some client work so I'm now releasing version 1.1.0 of Redirect Helper Lite. This introduces an extension to the add-on which greatly enhances the processing time of the actual redirection. In earlier versions ExpressionEngined to being parsing the template before it even performed a redirection. That's a lot of overhead for something that should occur immediately. For this update I've utilized the sessions_start hook and now the redirection occurs as early as possible saving you that tiny bit of processing time.

To Upgrade

Head over to the project page and download version 1.1.0. Replace the full directory of system/modules/redirect_helper_lite and upload the extension to system/extensions. Then go over to your Extensions Manager and enable the Redirect Helper Lite extension. Now when you install or un-install this module the extension will automatically be enabled or disabled. Check out the change log for full details on changes.

Have fun!


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